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Withdraw Issues why is there a conversion fee charged on AUD to AUD?

Fiverr says that they don’t take anything from the funds when withdrawing yet say there are currency conversion fees… Hmm
Now if my currency is set to AUD and I’m withdrawing to AUD why are there debits being made on my total???

I would understand if the dollars were listed as USD then converting to AUD but they are set at AUD so how is it for example:

The funds to withdraw are AUD $216.92
Yet when withdrawing the only amount Fiverr transfer to PayPal is $199.42 ?
It doesn’t add up, because Fiverr already take their cut out of every sale purchase yet they dip into the final amount when withdrawing??? Am I missing something here?

Today i was typing same post
and theres a huge cut when it comes to ,large amount withdrawing

It happens to everybody I guess. Personally I emailed fiverr team and their response is that this is the exchange fees and due to an error you cannot display the right amount in anything else other that USD. It happens to me in EU as well… nothing we can do I am afraid.