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Withdraw money from cancelled order (I have a paypal and I'm trying to withdraw the leftover money)


I have a paypal and I’m trying to withdraw the leftover money. Someone help please


Your question isn’t clear and doesn’t seem to match the title of your post. If someone cancelled the order, why would the money even be available to send to your PayPal account? What is this “leftover money” you speak of? Who are you having issues withdrawing from? From Fiverr to your PayPal account? Or from your PayPal account?



For what I know, it’s not possible to withdraw money you got from cancelled orders…


Reply to @genuineguidance: I purchased a gig and it was cancelled, I then purchased another gig with the money that was leftover. I now want to withdraw the rest of the unused money that I have in my balance.


Reply to @deonte30: I’m having issues with withdrawing from Fiverr to my paypal


Reply to @mark74: so my money is stuck on fiverr?


Reply to @deonte30: You read the Terms of Service, right? Remember that little agreement you clicked on before you got started on Fiverr?

Why do I get the feeling that you agreed WITHOUT reading it? The Terms CLEARLY state what happens to funds from cancelled orders. Take a look.


Reply to @cheezees: it says that I can use paypal to withdraw funds. What are you getting at?


I had $5 left over in my account from an order that was cancelled by a seller because he was nice enough to admit that he couldn’t deliver on time. I hadn’t been here in about a year. However, when i place an order a few minutes ago, i expected that the $5 i had in my account would be used in making the purchase but i was still charged $15 instead of $10. Could u please explain what happened since i can’t with draw the money ?




Reply to @jovayd1: just to extend what @kjblynx said: when you place an order, money can’t be taken from two different sources. So, if you have enough money on your Fiverr account, that one will be used; if not, the whole amount will be taken from Paypal (or whatever payment system you use).


OK guys !


Yeah, because people read TOS. Really? Do you believe that? No one reads it. Things like this great idea of stucking peoples money from cancelled orders is reason for me to stop using such service. It’s nothing more than theft backed somewhere in TOS.


Having the same issue. Shame on Fiverr this is just highway robbery.