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Withdraw money from completed orders on fiverr?

Hi all

I am new to fiverr and I have completed 3 orders. But the money is still in the “Pending Clearance” status.

So I want to ask,

  1. How long can the money be withdrawn after completing the order?

  2. What is the quick withdrawal method I should choose?

I am new, please help me on this issue. Thank you.


The money will be available to withdraw after 14 days of the completion of the order for a security issue. So, you will be able to withdraw your pending money after 14 days.

There are options for you to withdraw your money from Fiverr. You can use Paypal or Payoneer whatever you like to use.



Thank Minahmmas,

A useful information, I will wait up to 14 days later.

Really thank you.


Tell me more, what is the minimum amount in my purse so I can start withdrawing?

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How would he know how much money is in your purse or account? :confused:

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Hi Jonbaas,

I mean: The minimum amount I can withdraw?

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Thanks for the help, I tried that.
I can withdraw money any time after 14 days of waiting. That was the good news I received.
I have withdrawn money through paypal.

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Paypal or payoneer , which is best for indian sellers ? any new rules

No idea about your information

your money clearnce after 14 days … then you withdraw

which is best way paypal or payoneer account linked with fiverr to withdraw money for indian sellers ?

Quick withdraw method is paypal

Payoneer : Minimum withdraw amount $20
Paypal : Any available amount you can withdraw
Note: You can not withdraw partial amount from available balance. All personal balance (avail able amount) will be withdraw by each transaction.