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Withdraw money in the UK

What is the cheapest way to withdraw money in the UK, i.e. in GBP

  1. Paypal
  2. Fiver card
  3. Bank transfer
    Or is there any other way ?
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I think PayPal is the cheapest way of withdrawing money from Fiverr as they charge the least fee (which caps out at only $1 per transaction).

Edit: As @lloydsolutions said, it is always good to double check such info. in the ToS (instead of taking what someone says on the forum at face value).


If you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find withdrawal details.

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Paypal best , i think also.

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the rates in terms of service are in dollars.

it sazs for paypal 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1*

does that mean a mximum of $1 is charged per transaction ?
What about the exchange rates when using paypal ?

Yes, that’s correct. Even if you were to transfer $100,000 via PayPal, you would still receive $99,999.

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oh ok and what about the currency change charges ?

I have never calculated the difference between the currency exchange value that Fiverr charges and the market currency exchange values. So, I am not really sure. However, I know for a fact that Fiverr charges a little more than the market exchange rate.

Edit: I checked the USD to EUR exchange rate that PayPal offers. PayPal converts every 1$ to 0.858€, while the market exchange rate is 0.88€ for every 1$.

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If you are in the UK, PayPal linked to Revolut. It’s a prepaid card/virtual bank which will hit you with a lower exchange rate than PayPal to regular bank withdrawals. :wink:

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Paypal is the best for withdraw

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PayPal seems to be the best for withdrawals.

Paypal is the best for withdraw.

Hi @arehman1289, obviously you should chose the paypal.

I feel like Paypal is the best option, but for me it seems to charge around a 4-5% conversion fee when the money goes into Paypal. For example, if I make a withdrawal which is equivalent to £300 in dollars, I will only receive around £285 of this after Paypal have dipped their hand in. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if you add dollars as a currency in your Paypal account.

So even though Fiverr have said that it’s now “free” with Paypal, it isn’t really.

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I think PayPal is the cheapest way of withdrawing money from Fiverr

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