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Withdraw money issue (initiated but not completed successfully)

I have recenlty try to withdraw 112$ from fiverr to payoneer the amount withdraw initiated but not successfully completed withdraw 3 days go. but still showing withdraw initiated. i send my querry with fiverr support they reply me that here is ok you need to contact with payoneer today i contact with payoneer support team they reply me that your account is active there are no issue. kindly help me on this issue.


Is it Solved? we are facing same problem when today we try to withdraw 120$. Withdraw initiated and completed but we did’t receive any payment in payoneer as it’s deducted from fiverr without any mail. Have you received?

i am facing same issue… did it resolve on your side ?

Same thing happened with me today. While withdrawing I had an error in the popup but says Withdraw initiated in Earning section. No upcoming payments in Payoneer. Contacted with support no response yet. Have to be patient here. But after waiting for 14 days to get funds cleared? Not that easy to be patient.

Has anyone solved this problem? I don’t know what to do.