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Withdraw Money or keep it? Which is safer?


Hello, I got my money from my gigs and want to know whether to withdraw it or keep it? Which is safer?
In case I don’t want them at this time.


you get charged fees to withdraw so you have to get the balance right. It has to be worth paying the fee but you don’t want to leave it on Fiverr forever. I usually withdraw when I have a few hundred dollars on Fiverr.


I withdraw every 30th.


I will also keep until 30 of each month or keep until some hundred to pay out because fiverr will charge for every withdrawal.


Can I ask what type of withdraw are you using? I heard that payoner is much better than PayPal, but so far I don’t have account there. Is it worth to learn using payoner instead of PayPal?


You’re not getting paid interest for the money, so leaving $5,000 or $10,000 on Fiverr makes no sense. However, I wouldn’t bother withdrawing small amounts like $10 or $50. Wait until you have $200, $500, $1000. Then try not to spend it.

Remember, the goal is to get life changing money. Money to buy a Kindle, money to go on vacation, money to pay off your credit card debt. You withdraw $10 and what do you get? Lunch at McDonalds? Bah, who needs that? Withdraw $100 and go to the best restaurant in town, order an obscene 15" steak, an appetizer, and the volcano chocolate cake.

Or you can get $500 and start playing the stock market, or buy gold coins, whatever you want, just make sure you enjoy the money.


Yes, Payoneer is best option to withdraw.
In India it’s free. We don’t have to pay fee to transfer in bank.


Thank You All!! Helped me to decide!


If the amount is too little then better not withdraw ,or you withdraw once a month on a certain date.


Payoneer would be great if the card didn’t take advantage of customers with all their fees. It’s a complete scam if you already have a bank account.

I don’t like the withdraw through payoneer since it takes 3+ days to get into a bank account.

PayPal is okay for what it is.


Payoneer minus the card is a good golden middle.


It is best to withdraw it. I let it get to a certain small amount and withdraw it.
I use Paypal and am very happy with them.


Wait for a certain amount and then check the current exchange rate and then withdraw.
Also check which payment processor is good for you before making a withdrawal.


For people like me, working from an exotic country that is poorly attended by PayPal, it is the best way to go. And they even send you a card printed with cool flaticons in it.


Keep it on fiverr unless you decide to spend money !


I always withdraw it into my payoneer account as soon as I can. It’s quite dangerous keeping large amount of your revenue in fiverr because if you get banned, there is a chance you will never get it back.

Just google “fiverr banned account withdraw” and you will see tons of horror stories. You might think that you will never be banned because you always obey the TOS but you never know if you will ever accidentally make a mistake or if fiverr mess up on their part. It’s better safe than sorry.

Plus, payoneer withdrawal has no fee and you can transfer from payoneer to your bank at a much better exchange rate than paypal can. There is NO NEED to get a fiverr card. I agree it’s a waste of money. You can keep the money on your payoneer account and withdraw directly to bank once you reach $50 or more.


In addition, there have been some instances of Fiverr accounts being hacked


I only withdraw earnings whenever i need it … mostly on 31 or 5 of next month to pay utility bills…