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Withdraw money payoneer


my revenue is $ i withdraw money to payoneer account.revenue page not withdraw button



There are basically 2 ways to get money into your Payoneer account:

  1. Partners (sites/businesses we work with ie: Fiverr)
  2. US Payment Service (a service which allows you to receive payments from many approved US companies such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay and more)

    If you have nay questions, please let me know :slight_smile:


i have fiverr account and i have payneer master card …how i withdraw money fiverr to payaneer account


Have you successfully merged your fiverr revenue card (Payoneer account) with fiverr yet?


i dont know that…how merge fiverr and payoneer


i have a card


fiverr support ticket not responds to me


Reply to @just_payoneer: how merge my fiverr card and fiverr revenue


Don’t worry Designmaster100

Fiverr Customer support will soon check and help you.

Trust me…!


Click on the “fiverr revenue card” button on the “Revenues” page and it will lead you to a page where you will be able to merge your existing payoneer card with fiverr. The process only takes a few minutes (or an hour) and you’ll be able to make your withdrawal the same day.


i clicked it.

Aug 24, 14

Withdrawal Initiated -$24

Aug 24, 14

Withdrawal Completed Successfully $24

my fiverr main balance is $0 but my payoneer account balance is $0


its done thanks all


This video will be helpful for withdraw Fiverr money to Fiverr Revenue card(payoneer Card)