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Withdraw money=== Sri Lanka

Please tell me what is the best method to withdraw money to Sri Lanka and details.


Payoneer is the best method!!


I’m Use Paypal to my first withdraw.
But unfortunately my Account Limited with my Money.
Now i think use to Payoneer.
I Hate Paypal.



What is your Method ? :relaxed:


Hi… I also tried paypal… it doesn’t work… djwaruna, did you success on payoneer?


Yes for Sri Lanka Payoneer is the best method as i can recommend

The Payoneer Card can be used in any ATM Machines and also you can withdraw cash to any of your local bank account from the payoneer account in few minutes.


Setting up Your Fiverr Revenue Card


best method is transfer to the local bank… using long time & never had any issue… :grinning:


I’m also using Payoneer, but try to move to bank transfer.

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hi . what about bank transfer?

bank transfer work in fivver?

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i have a Payoneer card. dont know how to use it

if you have a payoneer account you can transfer your funds from fiver to payoneer account by go to Selling > earning and click on fiver revenue card.

once it transferred to your payoneer you can use ur card to withdraw from any ATM machines or you can transfer fends to your local back accounts.


But Podi aulak. My card was expired in 2017. After creating it,I didn’t do anything with it. Acont is active. Can you help me

if the card already expired you can order a new card… login to payoneer account and the main page you can see option to order new card

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Hey there is no any options like that. Can you tell me what is it? I didn’t do any transaction after creating it

On top Left side of Help you can see “Order Card”

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It doesn’t show something like that bro. Can you attach a pix please

Refer the payoneer main page as on the attachment once you loged in. Left side of Help you can find Order card

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Once I have ordered a card and I received it in 2015. But now card has expired. I didn’t do any transaction after creating that there is nothing show in my account regarding new card. How to top up my account by myself? Bro

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