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Withdraw money to fiverr revenue card


when I go to withdraw money to fiverr revenue card, the option to withdraw money to revenue card remains inactive where as paypal option is active. On hovering the mouse over it a message “Waiting for card issuer approval” is shown.


So it is telling you that it is waiting for the approval. Is that approved already ?


i have already payoneer account.


please solve my this problem please i am really worried about this.


Reply to @meetasad123: No-one in the forum can actually solve your problem, only offer advice and information. You should probably contact Fiverr Customer Support and also that of Payoneer.


Reply to @kay2809: i have already payoneer account.


Oh Alright. Let me swing my magic wand. b-(

Oops. Nothing happened.

We, the people on the forum cannot help except providing suggestions.

For that you can contact the support.

And while I was typing, I received a message from you on fiverr. These are not meant for personal help. Don’t send personal messages for help to people here. They will report you and you can get banned if you keep doing this often.


Reply to @meetasad123: Please read the Fiverr Terms of Service thoroughly.


i contacted to Fiverr Support no proper solution and still i am contacting them but no response has come yet


okay i am sorry kay2809


Reply to @meetasad123: It can take a few days for CS to respond.


Reply to @meetasad123: No worries. Just want to remind you that we are sellers like you here. So we only have suggestions from experiences and faqs. So the fiverr support is the only way. The card is not available for my country so I cannot share my experience for the card.


i have mailed to fiverr support 6 or 7 hours ago but no answer came yet


As I said above, it can take days for CS to reply.


Reply to @meetasad123: It took them 3 days to respond to my request. And I am supposed to receive ‘priority’ support.

Don’t worry. You can get a response in 1-2 days.

Right now they have a lot of requests from what I saw yesterday.


okay thanks alot


itsyourthing or kay2809 can you give me your referral link please


Reply to @meetasad123: I don’t know what you mean.


no nothing and thanks alot with best regards also will wait for reponse of Fiverr CS