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Withdraw money to my husband's Payoneer, not mine

Can I register and use my husband’s Payoneer account on my Fiverr account? Or it must be mine?

It’s because my Payoneer doesn’t have the Global Payment Service where you can use wire, and the fees when using the card are high, same as Paypal, high fees.

Apart from that, why are payments limited to Paypal and Payoneer? I don’t get that.
They said there is wire transfer, but it’s wire on Payoneer, so it’s the same!


Hello, each account must have it’s own payment setup. So the answer is that no two accounts can use the same payment account.

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Hi, I only have one Fiverr account, and my husband is not on Fiverr.
So it’s only one account (mine) but the Payoneer account linked to it has my husband’s name, not my name.

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I don’t have an answer for that. Maybe you could find out from customer support.


I think you can…if your husband is not on Fiverr or you have only 1 Fiverr account…
But i strongly recommend to contact support.

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I will suggest that to avoid any complication, register on payneer and have your own account. It wouldn’t take much time for payneer to approve your account.


This is excellent advice. Payoneer is bound by the same Know Your Customer requirements as regular banks and financial services providers. Using someone else’s account is against their terms of service and will inevitably just lead to an account being suspended.

Open your own account. Wait for it to be confirmed, and only then attempt to deposit your earnings into it.