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Withdraw money to Netherland

I now have an amount of money in my fiverr account and want to withdraw this money. So I wondered if there are people (preferably Dutch) who have experience with this.

What is the best way to withdraw the money (outside the USA)?


I am not Dutch but I prefer Payoneer


Copy and pasted from an old post I made:

*Varies from territory to territory but it’s like I said below, around 2.5-3% of the transaction usually. And literally everything accepts Paypal with a few exceptions.


Do you have a private or business PayPal account?

Private, Fiverr accepts anything regardless.


Thanks for your comment.

Can PayPal become difficult if you don’t use a business account?

Not at all, you can still juggle various currencies, receive and sends large sums (fee-free at times), even start pooling money for free, etc.
Go Business only if you have a VAT or something and Fiverr adds to that income. It’s also meant more for when you have employees or a shop.

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  1. Does it cost extra money if you transfer an amount from a PayPal account to a local bank, because the money comes from abroad? Or is it not seen as a foreign payment?


  1. Do you know how much it costs to transfer an amount of money to a payoneer account (bank transfer)?
  2. Do you know whether it is a hassle to open a payoneer account or is it very simple?

Not seen as foreign, Fiverr will also convert the amount to euros. IDK if it’s automatic based on your location or you choose it when you set the currency to show prices in. I don’t transfer to my bank so you’ll have to check PayPal’s fee tables.

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Usually 3-5 well it depends on your country and bank charges are like again 5-8 its not much

Besides the $3 and local bank fees, are there any additional fees?
Are there variable costs or are there only fixed costs?

Based on my country sometimes there is a tax deduction for you best to try and get the experience

Is it easy to open a payoneer account or do you have to fill in a lot of information?