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Withdraw money via paypal, button sais null

Hi, i have some $ in my account. Ive withdraw money via paypal a lot of times before this moment. And now when i want to withdraw them the button to PayPal is grey and it sais “null” its been two days now i cant withdraw my money. WHy is that?

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You’ll need to ask customer services about anything withdrawal related I’m afraid - good luck!

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i am facing same problem so please help me
paypal button says null what it means ?
please help me anyone
thanks in advance !!

In short : Contact customer support .
Long answer :
There may be several reasons for disabled paypal button
ie Your buyer requested refund and raised issue to customer support and customer support disabled withdrawal temporarily.So best answer can be provided by customer support .

I am having this issue,how was the issue solved??

same here i have contacted customer support they said they will try fix it

Hello, are you the rachelstar of fiverr?

Isn’t there a minimun you can withdraw from your account? Maybe that’s why you can’t withdraw.

This post was finally laid to rest.