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Withdraw my money

I can’t withdraw my money,there is showing network problem,i try to last month but ntg happen,see attched screenshort,i restart my mobile then i try but ntg happen,i try to customer support but till not any update,

please help.

Which mobile network do you use?

I am a using Jio net

Yes Jio net…

It is obvious that several Jio users must have spammed Fiverr, as the company as a startup was offering free connections from the launch date (5th September, 2016) till March or April of 2017 (I am not sure about this one).

Perhaps, they have cancelled the withdrawals to phones with Jio connections until they contact the Customer Support and prove that they are not spammers.

I would recommend you to contact the Customer Support in regards to this issue.

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it has nothing to do with the provider as long as it have enough speed.

try changing the phone number to which the code is to be sent.

OK thanks priya, nice to meet You.

Thanks You so much Rankin…

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