Withdraw part of money


Hello guys,

I would like to know if it is possible to withdraw only part of the money.

I mean i dont want to withdraw all the money i have on fiverr, only part of it.

So is it possible?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Withdraw money fiverr

I think it’s not possible, you have to withdraw all of it.


Aw that is sad! :confused:
Thanks for your answer anyways!


Not possible. What is possible: withdrawing all the money to the Payoneer service and from there withdraw only a part of the money. I did it by clicking on the Fiverr Revenue Card button and it took me to the card application (you need to log in to your existing Payoneer account, not new one - important). Then the card application will fail (not sure why) but your account will be connected with Fiverr and once you click the withdraw on card button in Fiverr the money will flow to the Payoneer account and the will sit there waiting for your manual withdrawal.


Thank you! I will check it out.


not possible. because I was tried it before


you are totally right man