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Withdraw Partial Fiverr Funds

Hey guys. Hi Fiverr staff.

This is a highly requested matter. A similar post like this has been posted quite a while back but it has been thrown aside with just a few comments.

As a seller, it would be helpful to have the option of partial withdrawal from fiverr to any account one may have because not all of us have the option of using a credit card or bank account to conduct business on fiverr due to various company and or country policies.

Please Fiverr, I am begging not only for myself but for others like myself to provide us with the option to withdraw partial funds to our account (payoneer, PayPal, etc) and leave a balance for spending on Fiverr also with the option to withdraw again if we so desire.

I would love to see this as part of the recent changes made to Fiverr.

Thank you.

Guys what do you say? Do you agree with a partial withdrawal of Fiverr funds? The more comments to this thread could mean getting the proper attention of Fiverr on this topic.


Yeah. I totally agree with you.

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Yes it is unique. We can use our earning according our current need. :smiley:

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Agreed! :slight_smile: very useful feature.

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Great idea Kerri,

I have thought that it would be great if fiver implemented that

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Yes, I’m waiting too. Someday we’ll have that option to withdraw a partial amount of total available balance!

@kerrimax Yes 100% agree with you.

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Yes, please! I would also like to do this.

I asked CS around a year ago and they said they weren’t planning to even start to work in that direction.

I would love them to implement something like this, though. At least, split the amount into parts of $500 and/or $1000 so there is a bit more flexibility. $100 to $5000 is a giant leap.

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Hi Uzo. Yes I think if we have many more persons speaking up loudly to this Fiverr might make the extra effort to implement it or maybe even surprise us. It would be nice though.

Exactly, I agree with you. They could allow us to take just a portion not a whole lump sum. I think it would make business a little more fluid and less stressful with all the other things we as sellers have to deal with.

Yes. I am waiting for this feature for the past few years.

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Hi there i m also suffering with this situation .and waiting for this implimentation