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Withdraw payment issue

I have a bug while am trying to withdraw payment when i click on the button its saying that you have a network problem try again later

I am having withdraw payment problems as well. But in my case it won’t even let me click on the button even though I followed every step. Not sure what is going on :frowning:

Do u mean its Grey in color. Does it your first withdraw?

My shows this:

I have done my first withdrawal couple months ago and no problem. When I wanted to do it again, this is what I get. I can’t even press the bank transfer as it is not available for me :frowning: When I hover over it, it say Withdrawal in progress but I never initiate any withdrawal nor I have money missing from my account so I have literally no idea. I tried to contact CS but no luck so far :frowning:

Any update on your customer support ticket? Like whom the ticket assigned, Last update, Status.??

Can you check here under My Activities.

Its not the problem with withdrawal, infact its the problem with your internet connection. Better try to open a page in browser, if that opens normally then let me know.

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It is assigned to Kenn and the status is open. I send one ticket like 3 days ago but it was deleted as I can’t see in in my activities, so I wrote them another one yesterday evening and got no response. I understand that they are busy but I really need to withdraw my money as I am late with my bills :frowning:

Hello and thank you, however I tried to open it on two different machines and three different wifi but nothing helps so I don’t think it will be problem with my internet connection. I even tried to restart my computer but still nothing :frowning:

Sorry web_expertt for taking your topic with my problems :frowning:

The bank transfer button is in disable state, check if your bank details have not been somehow removed. If that is not the issue better contact Payoneer support.

nothing is working :frowning:

Do not duplicate too many tickets for the same issue. If one ticket is open and assigned to some support, then definitely you will get update.

I did not create multiple ticket. The first was was deleted so I created another one. However it is solved now, they had to update my profile and I got the money straight away. Thank you for you help!

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Hooray - that’s a relief for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello all,
I Withdrawal my payments today. But, Its still now pending on fiverr. Please help me…!!

I Withdrawal my payments today. But, Its still now pending on fiverr. Please help me…!!