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Withdraw problem with my account

Hello I am facing a problem i haven’t a paypal account . I attracted my payoneer account of my id . How ever I attached unknown paypal id which is not signed up .
Now I request for withdraw from my mobile. this withdraw is requested from paypal. Usually I’m not read it i clicked that confirmation linked. When I tried to loged in paypal it says There’s no account associated with this email. Try another email address or create a new account. Now How Can I get Refunded?


Couldn’t you wait a little? Now, do the funds appear in your account?

If you haven’t got a PayPal account attached to your Fiverr account it won’t have gone anywhere.

Have a look back at your earnings page and see if you can withdraw to Payoneer, as you should still have the funds in Fiverr.

If the funds have gone anywhere (which they shouldn’t have) contact Fiverr Customer Services and ask them.

Good luck! :sunny:

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