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Withdraw recommendations

I’m new to fiverr and i feel a little confuses with these withdraw options, which option do you recommend to me knowing:

  • i want to get paid in USD
  • i don’t have an USD account (yet)
  • i don’t have PayPal account
  • i want to use the money mostly for online purchases

I would recommend setting up a PayPal account and withdraw your funds to that. It’s the fastest way to receive your funds, and most online outlets and services accept PayPal as a payment option, meaning you can do your online shopping there. If you need to withdraw money from PayPal to your actual bank account, you can do so by linking your bank account to your Paypal account.

This is how I have set it up:

I withdraw my funds from Fiverr to Paypal.
I have an account with Revolut (with a beautiful metal card to go along with it) linked to my Paypal. I have set up both an account link and a card link.

That way, I can receive my funds in Paypal instantly, and then transfer them to my Revolut card - also instantly, in any currency I want. I receive USD, and when they are sent to Revolut, they are converted into Euros - since that’s my local currency.

If you don’t want a card to be able to withdraw money or make purchases in brick and mortar shops, and only want to spend the money online, you can go with a Paypal account on its own.

I do have a Payoneer account set up as well, and that has also been linked to my Revolut account, but since the transfer takes two days using Payoneer, I mostly use Paypal.

The downside of Paypal is the fees, so if you’re transferring a large sum, I’d recommend going with Payoneer and link that to your bank account.

P.S: Both Paypal and Payoneer does currency exchange, even though the rates aren’t the best - meaning you don’t need a USD account in order to receive US dollars. If you send 100 USD from a Paypal to an account in a different currency, Paypal will convert the funds into that currency. Again, the downside is the fees, and the bad exchange rates.

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Thanks for the reply, I think i will wait until I create a USD account and then link it to PayPal as you suggested, I’m not in hurry to withdraw

Sure thing! If you decide you need to withdraw before you have a USD account set up, that’s still an option for you by using their currency conversion.

In the meantime, you can still use Paypal directly to shop online at most online shops. Most shops offer that as a payment option, so you can use your USD balance at Paypal directly, without a bank account.

Best of luck!

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I didn’t this tip about using PayPal balance without a bank account, thank you again

Yeah - that’s the great thing about Paypal. Most online shops accept Paypal directly as a payment option, meaning you can spend directly from your Paypal currency. Look for the Paypal button at the checkout. I don’t like to provide my credit card details to online shops, so I always pay with Paypal when I can. That way I can chose to charge my credit card via Paypal, or pay directly from my Paypal balance.

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Is it possible to transfer money directly to my Revolut account by using the Bank Transfer as the withdrawing method?