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Withdraw refunded money



I have read many posts related to the Fiverr refund policy; that a buyer cannot get the refunded amount back to his Paypal account. Instead, the funds are returned as Fiverr balance.

My question is, what if the buyer is a seller too? When he/she withdraws the earnings, the refunded balance can be withdrawn with it, right? I want to make sure if this is possible because I am in a similar situation. I have refunded amount of $1910 in my account, I am a level 2 seller, but the withdraw options are grayed out.

Will appreciate feedback from fellow sellers


I’m pretty sure you cannot. I haven’t tried, but I think refunds become Fiverr credit which shows in one column. Income from selling is Revenues, not credit. You can withdraw revenues but not credit if I understand it right.

You must have made some really big orders-gone-wrong to end up with that much in credit. I can’t even imagine getting into that kind of money on purchases unless I was buying from someone I had serious confidence in. Good luck.


I think you may be right. But I recall I once accidentally clicked on a $5 order and asked the seller to refund. He did refund and I never bought any gig after that, but all of my credit was withdrawn. Although I did purchase that gig from my Fiverr balance (not Payoneer or Paypal).

Right now I have 0 available funds and $1910 Fiverr credit. A revenue from one of my sale will be cleared on 16th, and then I will know for sure if I can get the $1910 withdrawn along or not. Will let you know.

Thanks for help.


I would be glad to see an update on what you find out!



So you were right about the withdrawal balance (revenue) and Fiverr credit. I purchased a gig once mistakenly but that was paid from my revenues so when it was refunded, it was allowed to be withdrawn. But the refund paid initially through Paypal cannot be withdrawn.

Although Fiverr offered me a one-time chance to have the refunded amount reimbursed to where it came from (Paypal in my case).

I just wanted you to know all this so you could help/guide anyone with the same problem in the future.



Thank you! You were very thoughtful to come back and update.


Hi what did you do to reach Someone that offers you the refund, I am in a similar situation and emailed customer support many times with no reply.
Thanks for you help


This is a very old post. If you read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the answers to your questions. Everything is explained there.


Thank you for your reply, I will check it out…