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Withdraw revenue from blocked account

My account was blocked due to TSO some weeks back. I have cleared fund, pending fund and project I delivered a day before the account was disabled. Please, I want to know if all this revenue will be available after 90 days or only the cleared fund will be available. Thanks Friends.

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You can get cash after 90 days
After completing the 90 days,
inform the fiverr customer support service

Please, will all the fund be available. The pending and the one I just delivered.

Your entire money can be obtained after 90 days
Make requests after 90 days

What are the things I need to provide, prior to contacting customer support.

Notify that you need to get the money

Any funds that were not cleared prior to your account being closed will not be available for withdrawal. These orders get cancelled and funds are returned to buyer shopping balances. Only funds which were cleared already will be available to you.

But, I have delivered the work. I also contact the buyer and she said they did not refund her.

You contacted a buyer from your previous account from your new account? That’s not a good idea. :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you ask CS if you could open a new account when they closed your previous one?

Through gmail. CS gave permission already

That was unusual for CS to give permission to contact a buyer outside of fiverr. Why was your account blocked?

They didn’t give permission to contact the buyer. The buyer gave me her email during the process of the project. I was able to contact her after they block my account.

To be fair, if you have already been banned, TOS does not apply.

If you have been in contact with your buyer, you can inform them that you have been removed from Fiverr and that in this case, you will not be paid for the work you produced. Then you should advise them to contact CS for a refund. What you should not do is request further payment off-Fiverr. This will look like a scam.

What you should ideally do is contact CS to ask what exactly you have been banned for. You should also ask what information will be required to access your funds and whether or not buyers with orders still pending clearance have been refunded.

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Thanks. I will do that.

Why would fiverr ban a seller then tell them they can open a new account?

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