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Withdraw to Bank in Pakistan?

Hi Guys.
Hope you all are doing well.
Can anyone please tell me if a attach Fiverr Revenue card, but i want to withdraw Fiverr Balance using Bank account.
is this possible for Pakistan.


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Hi hamza, Yes you can but simply withdraw your money in your payoneer account and then transfer it in your bank account. Cheers

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Thank you…!! But don’t you Payoneer take little longer ?
Have you ever tried withdrawing from Fiverr Bank option?

Yes i am using it brother mostly it will take 24 to 48 hours if your account is little bit old and receives at least 1,2 payments from payoneer to bank. depends on your bank.

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Basically Payoneer blocked my bank account for undisclosed reasons, so i can’t use that.
any other option i got ?