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Withdraw to PayPal or Payoneer?

Hi, Fiverr sellers!

Please share your experience what you thing is better option?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think PayPal is Better. 2,3 Weeks ago, I signed up on Payoneer with Fiverr, but It is not approving while it usually approve in 5-7 Days :frowning:


Paypal’s more convenient. If you don’t have an account though, Payoneer will do.

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Paypal is safe.

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Reply to @ilovenish: Yes but what about commissions :slight_smile:

only 1$ for 50$+ withdrawal. Please if you withdraw 50$, 49$ will come in your account. If you withdraw 100 or 200 or 500$ then again only 1$ will be detected.

I recommend you to withdraw around 100$.

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Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

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I choose payoneer because I can easily withdraw money using payoneer.If your country support paypal,use paypal because it has less cost to withdraw.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Fiverr is safe and really fast secure payment . I love it.!!

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Depents on what you are going to do with it.

If you buy online producs from websites that supports paypal i would defo do that.

But if you want to have the cash in your hands, i suppose payoneer is alot better for that. At least for me it is sinds our stores and so on do not work with paypal here in The Netherlands. We use more bank accounts so Payoneed is a good thing for this. But like the others said, they ask way more to withdrawal.

At the end it is stull up to you. :wink: Goodluck with that.

Hi there ,

I am new in fiverr , so i didn’t find the payment method , where can i find it ?

PayPal has worked pretty well for me so far. I haven’t had any problems and all Fiverr withdrawals have been processed in a matter of seconds.

I think payoneer is good than paypal. Because I don’t have option to use paypal in my region. :joy:

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This one old, now more than 50$ will be 2$ :frowning:
so many TAX FEE

20% Tax
Withdrawal Tax
buyer still pay Tax too

What the hell in the world is going on with Fiverr

I would recommend using both methods once, on same amount of money and then finding the percentage that you received. I used payoneer simply because paypal gives super bad conversion rates. It’s like an 8% hidden fee.

Yes I did exactly like this. For my country payoner is better… :wink:

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Same for my case, my local bank doesn’t deal with Paypal’s routing numbers so I use Payoneer :slight_smile:

Happy to use paypal ! (No red warning sign !!! I could just write “paypal” !!)

If you need money in your bank account then payoneer is better as they transfer money in 2days whereas paypal takes 5 to 7 days to do the same.

I use payoneer …because easily use the cash machine with payoneer