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Withdraw Verification Problem

I know I can’t withdraw now as I am new and have not earned enough that i can withdraw. But while I first went to withdraw option than it suggested me to verify a code from that phone which was already verified earlier. But it was so late to send the code to my phone from the server. I missed to submit the code anyhow. But from then that verifying option is not working. While I am trying the page shows me "You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.Please try again later. ". I have attached the snap. Anybody here who can help?

Hello currently i’m having the same problem I recieve the code 4 times and then I writte on the board but the sumbit option was not activate and the start the network problem did you get a solution?

Same problem here. Server sent me code lately, and i submitted wrong code. After then it shows that… I’m thinking to contact if it don’t solve within next 2 day.