Withdrawal Access Disabled - Fiverr Holds Revenue Withdrawal Of Seller!



My funds withdrawal option is blocked and im still waiting to get it opened. The issue was going on with a buyer regarding order, but it was resolved as i cleared my position to fiverr.

As a summary : The client wanted a wordpress site which we made, He had no issue with the site as everything was done according to his requirements and he was satisfied and neither a single time he said he is not satisfied. The site was completed on (30 Dec, 2016) and delivered and on (5 jan, 2017) he finalized the cover design and after (7 Jan, 2017) i didn’t get a single reply from him till i got a mail from (Eddie(fiverr customer support)) (28 jan, 2017) that client is upset for the work.

As he said me to contact the buyer and resolve this issue, i contacted him on the same day (28 jan, 2017) and got his reply on 1 feb, 2017 that “your site does not work with mobile, therefore it is not useful to us.”

I cleared him that site is fully responsive and we have used a Betheme (wordpress) the famous theme and whole world knows about it that its a responsive theme and i shared screenshots of cellphones with him of his site that we made that its responsive. I even said if you don’t like the theme i will change it for free but lets resolve the issue you are having.

I cleared my position to your fiverr cs with sharing all his chats screenshots and proves that the stuff he is claiming is totally wrong, he might have copied the site design and get it done through some one less is too cheap rate. I also stated that some clients can also ruin relation of Fiverr and sellers (as its being done now)

AND now its 7 Feb, 2017 and not a single reply from his side regarding that and have contacted him several times but not a reply from him. I contacted Fiverr cs again and they said OK then but in future if you get a reply, just take care of it and is aid sure and still im letting him get a new theme designed for free.

His funds were cleared on (16jan, 2017) and after withdrawal i payed them to my developer and team.

And now my next funds have been blocked and i cant do anything, simply life has been stopped.

AND : Completed orders may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order is marked as complete.
Link : http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201505116-Order-Cancellation-Policy

This buyer situation is like (IF a person goes to restaurant and eats his food, later on he comes out and says im not paying/or refund my money i didn’t liked the food this is totally not a mature thing and fievrr should also understand that)


Too many bad buyers lately

What is the last reply you got from CS and is the ticket still open?


Fiverr cs: Your withdrawals would not be disabled for orders that have not been reviewed. Please check to make sure all of your buyers are satisfied with the work you have delivered. It is quite possible we would have contacted you on another ticket to inform you about issues with certain orders that need to be resolved.

Please let us know once all of your orders have been resolved and your buyers satisfied. Your withdrawals will not be restored until those orders have been fully resolved or cancelled.

(the ticket si still opend but its shown clearly they dont care whats my situation)


So if I understand the ticket right, it seems like there is another buyer who contacted CS about your work? If that’s the case, you need to go back through your messages and orders to see which one they are talking about. Follow up with the client and try to work it out with them to make sure they are 100% satisfied.

I know Fiverr is really trying to make this a reputable and high quality freelance website. They started focusing on high quality work and customer service. Do your best and try to provide it and hopefully you won’t be facing these kind of issues in the near future.

Good luck ;)!


I know about whom they are talking, if you read above all situation is mentioned. after contacting back the buyer for the issue he mentioned that was wrong argument.
he hasent replied since a week for any of my messages.

He said site is responsive to CS but the site is responsive and I have shown him screenshots proves from different devices.

he is trying to fool and get the site done by any other seller in low rate


This is typically what CS would respond if they were aware of an issue on one order (like maybe the buyer did a chargeback on you) so they had shut down that order. That part makes sense. They are just trying to say that normally they would not shut down all your withdrawals because of one buyer and the CS rep may be wondering if you have any other tickets open with a different CS rep. Do you have just one ticket open?

@annai80 isn’t confirming or doubting anything, I think she is just saying that what you got is a personalized response, not canned, and they are trying to sort thing out but something is muddying the waters. We understand you had an issue with one buyer, you delivered as promised, and the buyer has complained and either asked CS to refund or has done a chargeback. Do you have cleared funds from other orders that you cannot withdraw, or is the withdrawal issue related to the single buyer that you know about?


The order was marked completed at 5 or 7 Jan.
I withdrawal that money at 17jan

He complained on 28jan
And Fiverr restricted the money of my later orders that I completed and neither the buyer complained on them.

According to Fiverr rules, buyer can ask for cancellation within 14days after order is marked completed, so there is no situation for buyer to contact cs 28 Jan - he could have contacted till 16jan and I would have cancelled.

The issue is ruining my daily life :frowning: with no money to buy a single food item as I live alone and new in this city.


Did you see if the buyers account was still active? Can you see if he was online recently?


His account is still active but last seen 6days before he is not replying


I would politely reply to CS again.

You can say something like this:

Thank you for helping me with this issue. Customer satisfaction is my top priority. I understand the clients frustration and I did my best to get this issue resolved. As you can see in my provided screenshots the clients accusations are not correct. Please be so kind and check the screenshots again, which cleary show the website is mobile friendly.
I have reached out to the client but have not heard back from him. ( Attach another screenshot showing your message to the client+another screenshot showing he has not been online for 6 days) .


I will send them again, have asked them politely and described my situation many times…



so your account is still active? your gigs?

you cans till take orders but you don’t have access to your cleared funds?


This is key to the issue of customer service giving refunds to buyers:

“Buyers must use Fiverr Resolution Center to address their concerns and desired resolution related to the service provided by their seller prior to contacting Customer Support. Customer Support will not take any action against orders where the buyer failed to inform their seller of issues related to the seller’s service and will allow sellers to provide a resolution first.”


My account and gigs are both active
yes i dont have access to clear funds


Yes you are right and the main thing the buyer didn’t contacted within 14 days of funds clearance, he contacted the Fiverr CS after 25 days and the claims makes me laugh and cry both at same time that site is not responsive and i have shown fiverr and inboxed the buyer also (with screenshots and video also) that website is responsive he is claiming something awkward just to get refunded.

Im sure he have someone doing same site with same design in less price.

THE MAIN POINT : If he was really upset with the quality of work he would have replied every time (not online since a week)


I’m facing the same issue, can you please tell me if fiverr ever resolved it?


i am also face the same issue


client does not replay anything


same issue on my end have your issue resolved…?


Create a Support ticket here.