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Withdrawal amount!



I think Fiverr should also allow seller to withdraw the specific amount of money instead of complete cleared amount. For example, in my account there are $100 available. Now I want to withdraw only $50 instead of $100 completely.

Does anyone agree with me?

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is this a complete the sentence game?

“strict and demanding at times, but now all is good and my family is happy.”


I posted the previous topic by mistake. Please check the updated version


No it is a chance to have a bug in the system. I want it all when I click on the withdraw button.

If you knew how complicated the coding is to make a withdrawal, with all the things that might go wrong you would see I’m right. It needs to be as simple as possible from a website standpoint.


Yes, coding behind this system will be very very complex. But I think fiverr should give us the option. Complete withdraw and partial withdrawal


If you had experienced a bug in this withdrawal system that was not fixable, as I have, you would see what I mean. If you can get your money out that is enough. Be happy. You do not want to have it be more complicated, trust me. :wink:


Why not spend the $50 first and then withdraw the remaining, just my humble thoughts.


Because sometimes I don’t know when I receive the next order so that I can purchase the voice over gig.


Oh ok, I missed the context, my apologies. So your setup works in harmony with another seller is what you mean?


I’m unclear on how it would be useful to keep funds on Fiverr anymore. You pay the same service fees whether you buy gigs from your Fiverr account or Payoneer or whatever. I just withdraw all my funds when I wish and if I want to buy a gig, I buy it with PayPal or a credit card.


In my country, Paypal doesn’t operate. I use payoneer for transactions. Also, Payoneer is not save for keeping money as last year someone hack my account and withdraw some dollars in to his account (Luckily, I recoverd the payment)



Yes, I agree, and I think fiverr should reduce the amount clearing time.