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Withdrawal blocked for no reason?


Hi, I have just attempted to make a withdrawal from Fiverr to my Payoneer account. I’ve been doing this for the past year with no issue. Today I got a pop up message saying withdrawals from my account had been blocked, and the issue was “being looked into”. There is no reason for this that I’m aware of, all of my account activity is normal and there are no issues with either my bank account or my Payoneer account. Is anyone else having problems?


please contact Payoneer live Support …they will help you with in no time …
follow this link
thank you


Hi - thanks for that, but Payoneer have not yet received the payment from Fiverr so there’s nothing they can do. The issue is at Fiverr’s end.


Despite being told a fix had been applied to my account, and that payment would be forwarded to me within 24 hours, this issue has not been fixed, and I still haven’t been paid. Fiverr have been paid for my work, but I haven’t!


Same here I ask for withdrawal I have been debited from my fiverr and no news yet in my payoneer account. Please fiverr help rectify


Another day has passed, I still don’t have my money, and I still haven’t been told what the problem is. I’m now concerned about accepting orders for any further work, just in case Fiverr decide to withhold payment from me for no reason. They’ve been paid for work I’ve done, but I haven’t. How is that fair, and why does nobody at Fiverr seem interested in answering any of my questions?


I am in the same boat as you. I have never had any issues before. I am getting the same error messages. When I tried a second time, I received an error that said “You don’t have enough gains to withdrawal”, but the funds are still there.


Maybe, turn off your Vacation mode off and try again. I don’t know what can be the reason. If they are holding the payment then there is a different thing, but if the withdrawal system is okay according to fiverr and still it’s not working, then I don’t know seriously. Hope it will get fixed soon.


I just tried turning vacation mode off and on again. Didn’t seem to do anything, but it was a nice idea, so thanks. I honesty don’t know what to do here. I have the same issue as loganstover by the sound of it (I got identical messages) and Fiverr appear to be ignoring us.


UPDATE* I still haven’t received anything from Fiverr regarding the issue. However, I did receive an email from Payoneer saying the withdrawal has been processed.


please contact fiverr support center, they solve this problem, last year i face this problem, you should clear cookies


Well done loganstover! I haven’t had anything of the sort yet, but hopefully they get there.

I do have an open ticket with Fiverr support, but they keep ignoring my questions and telling me they’re fixing it. They don’t give any timescales, and nothing seems to be getting done.


Have you checked your email for any Payoneer messages? That is how I noticed. I received the first email from Payoneer confirming the withdrawal, and then the second email about 20 minutes later that confirmed the funds deposited to my bank account.


Yeah I’m checking constantly. I even get email notifications about this thread, but nothing from Payoneer. The withdrawal is showing as initiated from Fiverr, but not completed. They haven’t even sent it to Payoneer yet. The customer service here is really poor.


If this is something others are experiencing then they will indeed fix it. Have you had any withdrawals in 2019 or is this the first try?


This is my first try in 2019. Last successful withdrawal was 31st December, and no previous issues at all.


I am guessing the start of the new year has upset their withdrawal codes as we had a problem for a day with Paypal withdrawals on January 1 for some of us. We got a message they were aware of it when I contacted customer support and were working on fixing it and it got fixed promptly so this is probably going to be fixed soon.


it happened before as well , it might be a bug , just try again later


Another 24 hours have passed. I’ve had no further response from Fiverr, and I still can’t withdraw my money. This is completely unacceptable.


We’re now in day four of Fiverr withholding my money for no reason, and Fiverr support doing nothing about it. I get responses from Fiverr saying it’s being looked into, but nobody will give me a timescale or tell me what the problem is. In the meantime, I’m left without money for work I’ve done. How is this allowed?!