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Withdrawal blocked for no reason?


I am wondering where is your money??
It was at point A… It needs to go to point B.
You initiated the process to move the money from A to B but it just vanished in between.
Fiverr send all money with an automated process. There is no manual step in this thing from Fiverr side. Why only you are having this issue?

I think something is not good regarding your account. Of course fiverr does want to send you the money, you have earned it but something happened in the system which breaked the withdrawal process of your account. I have no idea. Only a technical team can figure this out.

Maybe you are not only the one who is facing this issue, there can be some other persons, but we don’t know. Everything is in the hands of Fiverr.
I really wish your money will get in your hand asap.


If your problem is not solved yet, please open a Support ticket with Fiverr here: Not with Payoneer. Since your balance is still with Fiverr, I think only they can solve it.


I have a ticket open with them - #3169637. It’s been open since January 3rd. Despite being told on that day that the issue would be solved within 24 hours, and that a fix had been applied to my account, nothing has been done. The ticket is still open, and they won’t tell me what the issue is.


Update: I got an update from a customer service TL saying that there was a technical problem, and that it was being looked into. About an hour ago I noticed that the failed withdrawal to Payoneer had reversed back into my account. I tried withdrawing it to Paypal instead, and it worked. So I may never know what the issue was, but it’s working now. Probably just going to use Paypal in future and avoid the Payoneer withdrawals.


Thank God, you got your money back. Good thing is Now PayPal does not charge any fees if any money comes from Fiverr. :grin: