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Withdrawal Bug

I went to withdrawal and it gave me an error message that said I should try again later. Then after I tried again, it told me I maxed out my withdrawals and that I need to wait until tomorrow (even though I didn’t withdrawal anything yet). I hope this gets fixed by tomorrow.

Paypal withdrawals can only be done once a day.

Reply to @landongrace: I know. My point was that I didn’t withdrawal anything, but it thinks I did. So it’s making me wait until tomorrow after I got that error message.

I had an issue earlier on November 10 as well. I transferred money from Fiverr to my PayPal… got the email, clicked the link, and usually it is transferred quickly (say 60 seconds tops!) well, it wasn’t there, I had to run errands, and when I got back a few hours later it finally had arrived. I was a tad panicked thinking there is no way I would be able to retrieve that money since they state once you click the button, they are not responsible. ( I am paraphrasing ) I was glad it arrived, but I do think something odd was going on yesterday with PayPal and Fiverr transfers.

It’s funny too, because this was a discussion (See: I Loathe You Fiverr) a week or so ago where someone said it was taking DAYS after they hit the transfer button to get it to their PayPal!


I was a little nervous with the system at first, but it works well. There are times when it does little things like you mentioned, but I have learned to trust it and it has worked. Fiverr support has always been responsive.