Withdrawal confusion


Hello. I had $80 available in my account and I had enabled Fiverr revenue card option a month back. I just filled in the information of my Payoneer card that I already own and nothing else. Never got the Revenue card neither got the information merged with the former card. So today, I accidentally clicked on withdraw with Fiverr revenue card instead of Paypal. So would I still be able to withdraw that $80 with my payoneer card. My available funds have become $0.0 and I really anxious to know what’s gonna happen.

Thank you.


I have already contacted them but they take too long to reply so I created a thread here too.

Thank you anyways.


Hello I have had an active Payoneer card from different Payoneer partner and i’ve had similar problem, Payoneer customer support (after contact from my side) connected two partner accounts (fiverr and other one) to one card and everything is now ok.

Maybe it can help you.