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Withdrawal & currency exchange

Well I have a question as am new here. I’ve finished a gig and after two weeks the funds have been cleared. I can see on the side of my profile it mentions X amount in euro but when I go for redraw the amount I receive is about 9-10 euros less? Anyone can shed some light on this?


It’s likely to be some form of exchange rate fee / commission charge.

Are you using PayPal? You will face PayPal fees and their relatively poor exchange rate.

Many people say that Payoneer offers a better rate, but you will still pay a fee.

Even direct bank transfer involves an exchange rate which will no doubt reduce the amount you receive.

For example, as a UK based freelancer I use PayPal but lose 9% of my earnings in fees.


Thank you fir your reply

I tried but options before even withdrawing on both it will be about 10% less in euro… i suppose i would have to transfee in as the amount earned atleast stays the same. Have you had an experience transfering it in to your bank account?