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hi I am selling my services at fiver almost 3 years all the buyers satisfied with my services with all good positive reviews there was order from client at 19 aug 2020 with some requirements I had completed it and he gave me good reviews and I started phase 2 of this project during progress of phase there were some additional requirements which which forced me to add some extra amount as those additional requirements wasn’t of original scope I asked client to gave me some extra he refused which resultantly ended in cancellation of order amount refunded to for phase 2 and I gave all code to him this happens almost 2 month after completion of phase 1.I got reply from CS your client wasn’t satisfied that’s why we are canceling pervious phase as well and refunding to client they disabled my withdrawal option I have some dollar in my account they deducted that amount refunded completely phase 1 and phase 2 and still its almost 5 days after cancelation and refund they still disabled my withdrawal I can not withdraw any amount I contacted CS many time but they close my ticket without solving it or replying to it

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO do isn’t me the only one which is facing such injustice or any one else. PLEASE HELP ME TO SOLVE IT .I WILL ALSO ATTACH SCREEN SHOT

I can barely read that. (Editing for sake of comprehension.)

Did you professionally and calmly explain why the changes would cost more?

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hi thanks for reply at first we agreed at 1 android app which I had almost completed around 60% then in in mid client told me he want 3 separate web admin panels it was shock for me I told him it wasn’t included in during initial discussion he told me there might be confusion at start he told me he will add extra to it dont worry just keep on going work instead he offered barely small amount which wasn’t full filling my hard work on it he told me he had some finance issue he can only add this little amount to cut story short I was forced to choose that option as order was already in progress cancelation of order would affect my rating as well so I accepted his deal but I told him I need extra time because those 3 admin panels include almost 100 screens it was a a lot a lot of work he agreed and I started work when app and admin panels was almost 70% complete he said there was some stress from hist client from he took work there something between them his client was asking for refund and making law suit against him. He asked to refund all amount phase 1 which was already release and including phase 2 it was shocking for me I told him work is almost completed asked your client to wait for phase 2 deadline which was already decided but he refused his client refund but I told him just point one issue in my given work or its not according to requirements he didn’t told me anything and keep on forcing to refund I put cancel request for phase 2 as he was not listening to me I thought its better to report fiver firstly from my side for that client injustice to me phase 2 was cancelled and refunded to client after some time my withdrawal option was disabled and phase 1 also canceled by fiver CS and refunded to client so at end I got nothing instead of waste of time of day and night hard work for almost 3 month on this project and which was almost completed to end. ABOVE ALL THAT MY WITHDRAWL OPTION IS STILL DISBALED AFTER 6 DAYS OF REFUND TO CLIENT ITS STILL DISABLED I can not with drawl money in my account. I contacted fiver support many time to reslove this but they close ticket instead of replying me!

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 10.00.08 PM|690x334

Punctuation and line breaks, please. I’m not going to read something that is more effort than it’s worth to translate. (And if this is how you communicated with your buyer, or how you wrote their code, then I’m not surprised if you had issues.)


hi problem is solved by CS they understand it and enabled withdrawal option again thanks fiver customer support for this

Hello everyone i hope you will be fine. Is there anyone who understand my situation and give me proper solution. I worked one of my client and our deal was to do project in 2 module i have done his 1stmodeule and he accepted that one and give me 5 star review. I was ready that time to start 2nd module but he didn’t come back to start our work. after 2 week he came and said to me that complete my project within 1 week i was busy another project and cannot complete his work. Then he report at CS and they disabled my withdraw option. I explained everything to CS but they are not ready to enable my withdrawal option and the are saying that you should contact buyer and if he give us permission we will enable your option. I text to client but he is not replying from 7 days. What should i do now. Is there any help fiver can solve my issue. but we have not created any offer of 2nd module. Thanks