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Withdrawal Failed to Paypal


I can’t seem to get my money to paypal. It keep saying Withdrawal Failed


What’s your country.paypal don’t allow receiving money to some countries.because of that you receive that message


I’m from Trinidad & Tobago. Caribbean


Search in google that paypal allows your country to receive money service.if is not create a new paypal account .put malesiya as the country .paypal allows to receive money for malesiya


Not only malesiya.there are a lot of countries that paypal allows receiving money service


Ok kool thanks. Would it work if I put a US address as well?


Yes I think it will work .but search more information on internet


I just checked. My Country is listed to send and receive money in Paypal
Should I still re open a new account?


Mmm…I don’t know now what to do.I faced the same problem as you and when I created an another paypal account my problem ended.but you try it a one may work


If you don’t like to do that just contact fiverr


I’ll try it.
I contacted fiverr and they told me contact Paypal and Paypal said everything is ok
So I don’t know what’s the problem


Fine, try that it.hope it will work :slight_smile:


If your Country Support PayPal Then OK.

If you are withdrawal before with same method and today you will get message paypal failed, Then you need to try tomorrow again, hope its resolve.

you can create ticket to customer support regarding this. Thanks


You did check your mail, spam folder and all? When you withdraw, fiverr sends you an e-mail, for safety reasons, and you have to click a link in there to confirm your withdrawal request.


Yes I did get the email and I clicked on it. However it says it failed


Ah, too bad. You took a screenshot of your conversation with PayPal where they told you it´s all right from their end and sent that to fiverr Customer Support? If yes, I fear I have no other idea either than to keep trying and/or keping Customer Support updated until it works or they might do something that will help you.


ok thanks will keep trying