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Withdrawal failed

I earned 64$ on fiverr. 8$ dollars are available to withdraw.And I withdrawn 8$.(with paypal email verification) .But after a few mins when i checked the withdrawal status in my fiverr account It shows failed. also i checked my email there is an e mail from fiverr that says that your withdrawal is success.But still in my fiverr account withdrawal status is failed and no money received in paypal. I don’t know what to do.?

Please Help me

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It sounds like a communication failure between your fiverr account and your paypal account. If I were in your situation, I would contact both fiverr Customer Support and Paypal Customer Support about this problem. There is a clear record of the fact that you are ‘owed’ your earnings from fiverr, so you should not be upset about losing any money. You just need to troubleshoot the kinks in the account connections.

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thanks for response, i contact fiverr customer support and they said,

"Hi there,

The withdrawal was most definitely not successful so you can ignore that email.

A failed status withdrawal means there is an issue with your PayPal account. Either it is not verified or PayPal has other restrictions on your PayPal’s ability to accept payments. Please contact PayPal to resolve this matter.


then i contact Paypal customer support and they response to my question in future

i wouldn’t contact paypal and risk a charge back deactivation from fiverr which is against the TOS. i’d create a support ticket in fiverr and they will walk you through it


I am having exactly the same problem , activated paypal account , i have activated it exactly as my friend did few weeks ago , and when i try to withdraw , it’s just the same result as you !

I’ve never seen that before. I withdrew some funds around an hour ago, and didn’t experience the problem.

Also, I’m curious as to why your withdrawal from fiverr to Paypal ‘may take a few days’. Mine have always been instant (5 seconds maybe).

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Hey udaraka…Did u found the solution? your money withdrawn to paypal?..if yes pleade let me know how that happens…i have same situation here friend…please hel me