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Withdrawal fees & Finances: "Fiverr stole my money"

When you withdraw money from Fiverr it charges a $1 transaction fee, regardless of how much the transaction is.
(Withdraw $5 have $4 in PayPal, Withdraw $500 have $499 in PayPal)

<i>Edit: Amendment, it’s a 2% charge up to the fee of $1 and caps there. So, I stand corrected, the fee is 2 cents on the $1 withdrawal until you reach the $1 fee cap.</i>

Paypal has no charge for making deposits (It’s not a PayPal charge, it’s a Fiverr charge), so it doesn’t show up on their charges.

There is no receipt, this is how it happens for everyone, the dollar didn’t go missing - it was a fee outlined by Fiverr’s withdrawal policy, so there’s no need to freak out.

I wanted to make a little bulletin because I’ve just made my first withdraw on the myth that over $200 waves the fee, and was alarmed when my dollar “vanished”. So there is is, nice and clear for everyone with green-tipped Fiverr shoes, like me.

It will look like this:

Reply to @turbulentbeauty: No worries, there is no really big confusion or complaint, just a matter of semantics and the desire for clarity in such a way that not every new member starts a thread about it.

Fiverr takes 20% from the earnings.

Paypal say they do not charge for the transfer, but there is a 2% charge, which they charge to Fiverr (who is their customer). Fiverr takes this from your transferred money to cover it. All of this is correct.

However because it’s not named this clearly, It looks like paypal and fiverr point fingers at each other and people get mystified by who paid what and on whose orders. That is all, really.

Except that in the helpfile it says:

"Paypal currently charges its customers 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1. For a list of PayPal services by country, click here. These are not fees charged by Fiverr."

So if you were correct, Fiverr claims it IS a Paypal charge. While in reality, it’s a Fiverr charge. This proves that that 1$ is kept by Fiverr, not Paypal.

Fiverr Customer Support

Reply to @laughingcrow:

I see what you’re referring to, but to withdraw from PayPal is a PayPal charge that has nothing to do with Fiverr, so the statement is true while also negating that Fiverr itself charges this for a withdrawal service, even if it’s to cover charges they receive to PayPal for services.

Fiverr to PayPal: Withdraw from Fiverr(-$), deposit to PayPal ($0)

PayPal to Bank Account: Withdraw from PayPal(-$
), deposit to Bank Account($0)

Yeah, they need to be clear, but at this point I don’t care how they phrase it, I just want everyone to be aware and expect these charges.

Reply to @ozzieuk: Exactly. Except that the fees tallied in the screenshot for Paypal are 0$ (i.e. Paypal claims to have levied no fees).

Fiverr claims it does not charge fees. But 1$ still disappears somewhere.

Either the wording is unclear, or paypal forgets to add their fees in their transaction summary.

Reply to @ozzieuk and @laughingcrow:

Fiverr have to PAY PayPal who charge 2.9% to sellers (“It’s mostly 2.9% per transaction and even less if you sell more”), but Fiverr have the bulk rate.

We, members, don’t have individual deal contracts with PayPal, we’re lucky to have this low rate.

But it IS a fee that Fiverr charge us, to pay someone else.

It changes hands and it becomes their fee. There’s not a way around that.

Again, I’m really grateful the the fee is that low, and I don’t really mind how they want to phrase it.

It just boggled me when a “PayPal charge” didn’t show up on the PayPal receipt.

And the reason is that the money goes to Fiverr to reach PayPal, we don’t pay them directly, and I wanted to pass on that it’s not going to appear nor has it gone missing.

Yeah I agree it is a little unclear, Fiverr® pay forward the fee in bulk to paypal so may not show in your transaction. Like you say, its a REALLY good rate. :slight_smile:

Reply to @inkpetal: So the advice would be to change wording in the helpfile to:

“Paypal currently charges its customers 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1. Fiverr as the customer pays these charges, but withholds this charge from your total withdrawn revenues.

This means that there will be a slight difference between your withdrawal amount and the amount that will be deposited in your paypal account.”

Reply to @laughingcrow: Yes! I seriously hope a staff member copy+pastes that.

Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, spot on.

Haha Mine is $1 for every 89 cents right now, Woo :D/ keep on suckin’ Aussie buck.

Ooh ok, so this is interesting… I thought paypal took 2.9% Is this not the case and do I just lose $1? If so, awesome.

@laughingcrow, I don’t understand the confusion or complaints here at all.

I sold 6 gigs recently at $30, and Fiverr takes 20% per order, so I got $24 revenue. Fiverr in no way hides this and clearly displays this on the revenues pages that you get $4 per gig completed.

To test this other theory, I requested withdrawal to Paypal, so they sent the full $24 to Paypal. Fiverr charged me ZERO fees to send this to Paypal. However, Paypal charges a very reasonable 2% fee for any transfer in or out of their account, which is capped at $1. That’s why my Paypal has $23.52, and if I want that in my bank, I will be charged another 2%. So if you withdraw a larger amount of money at once you get the most savings.

If you don’t want fees for sending in and out of Paypal, use the Fiverr revenue card instead. It’s up to you.

Reply to @turbulentbeauty: There aren’t any complaints - just a note that the Fiverr explanation could be clearer. #-o The 20% services fee has always been clear and wasn’t mentioned anywhere before your post?

When I didn’t see a charges fee in my PayPal but Fiverr had told me it was a PayPal charge, it took me aback- so I investigated and posted my findings as a clarification to other new Sellers so they won’t also have to wade through (or add) rant posts to find this answer easily. :slight_smile:

Whats going on with FIVRR? I am a buyer of services…
I bought a logo service for $20 then another $21 taked out of my account for no reason??
I bought a website builder service…for $130 dollars…then Fivrr took out another $137 from my account for nothing???/
theres no customer support phone number… is a joke page…theres no customer chat and no contact us e mail
What am I to do…money gone???.. no one to contact???
Its totally unacceptable …

Yes, there isn’t an available number that you can contact when you have any concerns. But Customer Support does reply. When you click on this link you can fill up everything related to your concern and they WILL respond. As to how soon they will reply will depend on how many support tickets they are dealing with for the moment, but they definitely will respond. Best of luck and I hope your problems will be resolved soon.

then I give the website builder my log in details for doing my website…
then admin warm me thats its AGAINST TERMS OF SERVIVE to give details like that???
How the hell is the guy going to log into my c panel if he hasnt got my log in details , including e mail address and password?..
Whats going on with this site?? can I trust them anymore???
Im a blogger and if I dont get satisfaction from this I will go viral with these details…

I I have submitted my problem to that link you gave me, thanks theratypist…thank you again…

It clearly states in Fiverrs Tos that neither buyers or sellers can share contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers etc. Moreover, an email address would most definately not usually be needed to work on a website via c pannel etc unless you have set your log in name as your email address.

In any event, it is forbidden to exchange email addresses for client and seller safety and the message you saw when trying to do so is an automated one which remindes sellers and buyers of this. My advice would be to forward c panel log in details which do not include your email address.