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Withdrawal fees to Paypal India Premier account

Somebody from India please tell me how much fees will be charged when I withdraw my earnings to Paypal.

I have a Paypal India Premier account. If I Withdraw $10 from Fiverr to my Paypal account. How much will i get in my Paypal account ?

I browsed through the FAQ’s on the forum only to get more confused with a set of conflicting answers. Please Help!

Anybody else from other places have any idea about the withdrawal fees ?

No its wrong… PayPal will charge 4%.

I just spoke with PayPal cust. service…

PayPal Customer Service: 1-800-212-3852

(a local Indian Toll Free telephone number)

9:00 AM IST to 9:00 PM IST, Monday to Sunday

Thanks a lot for both the answers. Once I withdraw I will post an update here.

Okay here is my update: Today I did my very first withdrawal from Fiverr. I just transferred $84 from Fiverr account to my Paypal Premier account in India. After a email verification, I received $83 in my Paypal account. The process took not more than 5 minutes and very easy !