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Withdrawal funds

Hi there.

I am just want to withdraw my revenues but Paypal is not avail on my region so can i withdraw my funds through Payza or solid trust pay?

If yes so How??

Please help me seniors.

Thanks is Advance.

i had the same problem to but this is how i go around it.

before though, i would like to mention that fiverr also has the fiverr revenue card which is linked to payoneer, payoneer is almost available everywhere in the world to my knowledge you may want to check it out first, i have not used it yet because i have other ways which are;

first i used to use my fiverr earning to purchase gigs selling bitcoin and then exchange that bit coin on localbitcoin, if you don’t know localbitcoin or bitcoin you google it. the problem with this is that there not many sellers and you loose alot of your money almost half but it worked for me because my aim at first was to make sure i can recieve the money in my hands.

Now days what i do is, i looked up for people who had paypal accounts that can widraw and i send them my money to their paypal and they pay me in cash locally, look into your friends, facebook people and find someone you can trust, you will need a paypal verified account though most people dont like dealing with unverified. if paypal is not in your country you can try registering using a neighboring country like i did, just make sure you can send