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Withdrawal in progress error - Paypal button unclickable


I recently received a payment and when I visited the revenues page after few days … The “Paypal Account” button is unclickable and shows a message withdrawal in progress… I havent even clicked on that button. I have not received any mail about withdrawal … and also it is not in the spam folder of my email…

Please help… I am stuck I need to withdraw the money soon…


when an order is completed, it takes 14 days for the funds to be cleared and be available for withdrawal, if they are available and the withdraw is in progress and you didn’t click it, change your password and information and contact customer support immediately.


Have you seek help from Fiverr Support? Has it been resolved?


I had to get support to help me with this yesterday and they resolved it really quickly for me, so get in touch with them ASAP :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m also having the same issue


Same here as well!


I contacted support about this, and they haven’t messaged me back in 3 days. It’s giving me a lot of anxiety because I have a lot of money that I’d like to withdraw.


now i am having same issue, i think i have sent them a ticket asking to solve my problem, but i am not sure if it was sent or not, is there any way to know the status of our mail to them? thanks in advance for the advice :slight_smile:


Hi! I am having the same issue. I sent a request to customer support and I am currently awaiting their response.


Hello, Its a temporary bug, so don’t be panic. just contact customer support regarding this issue, support team resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Because i was already suffer this issue but all solved.