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Withdrawal in progress paypal

can any one help this I want to cancel my paypal withdrawal in progress on fiverr because this shows up every time I want withdrawal money it happening me over a month pls help me with this


What happens to you? you don’t explain exactly.
You can’t cancel fiverr withdraw process, It may take some time until the money sent but usually it takes a few minutes.
What is your problem exactly?

i am waiting over a month for the money sent back to me but still it shows me withdrawal in progress

You’ll need to contact Customer Support.

i already did it but they took too long to answer me

Please do withdrawal Perfect way.

I’m having an issue right now I think might be similar to this. I was about to withdraw some money and the Paypal button was grey and it said that the withdrawal was already in progress, but I hadn’t clicked anything. Now the money is stuck on Fiverr because I can’t take it out and it wasn’t sent to my Paypal account. Does anyone know what’s happening?

same bro ,this is what i am going through

Have you tried contacting Customer Support? I’ll try that right now. Seeing you’ve been dealing with this for over a month has scared me so much…

i will but i don’t get any messages or help from customer support

They’re the only ones who can help you.

they are not replying me , tell me what i can do

Ask for an update (within the same ticket). Or try contacting them on Twitter (with the ticket number).