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Withdrawal initiated by fiverr

Anyone experienced this before ''Withdrawal initiated by fiverr" ,So i was chatting with a client on fiverr then next thing when i try to check my order page,Fiverr logs me off as this kept happening for every clicks after i had logged in back.Just for me to login the 10th time and noticed that my available funds is now $0.Did also checked my email and saw a withdrawal email confirmation when i didn’t even initiate it. Funny enough the PayPal email address on my account is always attached to an actual PayPal account whenever i want to redraw and deleted from the PayPal account after withdrawal.So it was more like fiverr sending my money to a PayPal email address not associated with a PayPal account at the moment…Please is there any remedy??

it can be either:
1- someone got your account details and did all that
2- you client made a “chargeback” from paypal where they can take all the money back.

Charge back shouldn’t have gotten me a withdrawal confirmation in my fiverr paypal email i just noticed that almost everyone experience the frequent logout like me.

I doubt if anyone got my account details…Now that fiverr is stable,my paypal email is still same and perhaps before anyone is able to change your paypal email attached to fiverr…it takes 24hrs and a confirmation code sent to your phone number to effect that,So i guess i’m not cut up in your 2 thoughts

I suggest to contact the customer support team and wait for other to reply here :slight_smile:

oh thanks i have done just that…Matter of fact i thought i have been banned.:cold_sweat:

Well, probably its part of the bug that got all of us logged out for last hour. Cs will help you for sure :slight_smile: