Withdrawal Initiated?


I have a gig from three months ago, the customer was very happy with everything and left a five star review, the money cleared with no problem. This morning I notice that the gig in my earnings section now states ‘Withdrawal Initiated’… What the Hell is this and why?


That usually means you’ve asked to withdraw your funds to PayPal etc.

It shouldn’t be associated with any one order - it’s just a notice that you started the withdrawal process.


If the withdrawal was not initiated by you then you should report it immediately to the Support.
More on withdrawals : https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds


I have not initiated any withdrawal. This payment has been singled out from three months ago, all the other payments are showing normal. In my Gigs section there is now a red arrow pointing down in the sales section for that Gig.


This is what a normal, successful withdrawal looks like from one I did last month to test out my new Payoneer card.

Maybe you’d better ask Customer Services?

All that means is that you’ve sold fewer of that gig in the last 30 days than you did in the previous 30 days - unrelated to withdrawals. :slightly_smiling_face: