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Withdrawal issue

Hello fiverr. I have a question. Can i send 4 dollars to my paypal? I tried and i cant do that

Minimum withdrawal is $5.

What about if i want to send money straight to my bank account? What is the minimum then?

The minimum amount required for a bank transfer is $20 and it costs $3 per transaction.

Here, have a look at this article… It has all the answers to questions regarding withdrawing your funds-

Don’t forget that Fiverr charges money out of your account to transfer funds, too. For a bank transfer I think it’s $3 additional.

SO paypal is better? They charge me for paypal transfer too?

Yes, PayPal is the best in my opinion… They charge a very small fee of only 2% with a maximum chargeable transaction fee capped at $1. So, if you were to transfer $10 (for example), the transaction fee that PayPal would charge would come up to 20 cents and you would get $9.80 transferred to your PayPal account.

Another advantage with PayPal is that there is a cap on the transaction fee they can charge… which is set to $1. So, even if you withdraw $1000, they will not be charging you 2% of 1000 (which is $20) but, instead, they will only charge $1 even then… and you end up getting $999 transferred to your PayPal…

I hope I didn’t confuse you too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just read the article that I linked in my previous post. It is much better than asking people on the Forum… Because there is always a chance for people to give you inaccurate information on the forum.

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oh great so paypal is better indeed! Because with the bank 3 dollars for every tranfer is quite expensive i think