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Withdrawal Issues


It’s bad enough you have to wait 14 days to withdrawal, but now the withdrawal doesn’t even work. It looks like that maintenance they were doing made it worse instead of better. Every time I click the confirm link in my email, I get an error message on Fiverr. Then, my estimated earnings decrease without actually getting any money in my paypal.

Fiverr needs to hire more people. I’m always open for the job.


This is exactly the problem I am having. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I sent in a Customer Support ticket and have been ranting about it on the forum, lol.



I withdrew my earnings roughly 8 hours ago. It was after their maintenance on the withdrawals.

No problems at all.


Reply to @chaihock: I remember they had a maintenance yesterday, but I thought it was over. Today was just a glitchy system with no maintenance messages.


My issues were resolved about 5 hours ago.


Reply to @kiffinyjean: I’m never that lucky. But glad it worked out for you.


Have you contacted Customer Support?


Reply to @kiffinyjean: Of course. But I don’t expect to hear from them until I grow a full beard.