Withdrawal method


I want to ask you guys about something. What is best withdrawal method in your opinion? I’ve checked some topics about that but most of them were old or not so helpfull. Last time I withdraw by PayPal. It took 4% of my income. It’s not so bad but maybe could be better. What about withdraw directly to bank account? Now I still need to transfer that money from PayPal to bank and probably without next additional fees. I live in Poland.
What is your experience with withdrawal? Thank you in advance for reply.


The PayPal VS Payoneer fights are pretty insane so, I would stay out of it this time. As per me, Payoneer is the best!

But this again depends on where you are in the world. :slight_smile:


I use PayPal, but mainly because I had a PayPal account anyway and didn´t want yet another account, password, security question etc. They take 2.5% from me for the conversion $ > € when I transfer to my bank account.

And yes, those fights are almost as bad as Windows/Apple, better stay out of that. :wink:
I tried the ‘direct withdrawal to bank account’ but it said that´s only available in the US and referred me to Payoneer I think.


Thank you. So, I guess it’s good option to stay with PayPal.