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Withdrawal not sending to PayPal

I have earned £83 and I’ve attempted to withdrawal and requested several times and I’ve tried over the past week or two to see if it has changed. PayPal rejected the payment claiming that I hadn’t accepted or refused it although no such request ever came up. I have contacted fiverr and they have ignored me twice. I am new to both apps so don’t have a huge idea on how they work but Just wondering if any of you guys can help me see if I’m doing anything wrong. Thanks

I am also having the same issue.
FIverr is getting a failure message from PayPal and are reverting the withdrawal.
But the support is ignorant or lazy about this. They can easily check and see why withdrawal is failing.
Instead they are asking to check with paypal first.

I haven’t even received an email back from them, and I assume it wouldn’t be much help if they did respond. As you say they could easily help to resolve the issue and direct what actions to take rather than blatantly ignoring us.

I think it’s a problem with Paypal. You can call them and talk to them about it. Google Paypal phone number.