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Withdrawal of funds not going through || Sellers


I think I’ve been long enough here on Fiverr to know if something is off so I wanna share what happened hours ago. (I already contacted CS and patiently waiting for their reply :slight_smile: )

I have funds available for withdrawal and as always, I have withdrawn it to Paypal around the same time, same day.

Here’s what happened:

1st Part (not really in paranoid about it, yet)

  • Withdrew funds to PayPal
  • Checked email for confirmation link
  • Received email with confirmation link
  • Clicked on confirmation link
  • Redirected to Fiverr Page with notif banner in “RED” (not the usual orange banner you should see upon clicking confirmation link) **didn’t really read the message written
  • Checked on my email for the “follow up email” from Fiverr for the success of the withdrawal
  • No email
  • Waited for another 10 minutes or so
  • Tried clicking again the confirmation link and still “RED” banner with message indicating “Your withdrawal request is already being processed. No further action needed”
  • Checked on email again, still no follow up on the success of the Transfer of funds to PayPal
  • Checked my PayPal, no funds were transferred
  • Contacted CS (still waiting for their response - it’s just been 4-5 hours anyway so I totally understand)
  • Checked my “Revenue” section and the fund I withdrawn is still showing on the “Available for Withdrawal” Box but not showing on the upper right corner (the one besied your profile picture)
  • I thought they really are just processing it
  • DoubleChecked my Billing settings and everything’s fine

2nd part (this is where I kind of panic a bit) :fearful:

  • 4-5 hours later
  • New fund was cleared from my Revenue so new figures are showing the the upper right corner of my account and on the “Available for Withdrawal” box.
  • Checked on my email again to see if there’s already a follow up email from a while ago, still nothing
  • Checked on my PayPal as well, no funds were transferred by Fiverr
  • Tried to click on Withdrawal Confirmation link again
  • Same message as hours ago appeared: “Your withdrawal request is already being processed. No further action needed”
  • Double checked my email (inbox, spam folder) and still no follow up email from Fiverr
  • Checked PayPal again, no transfers were made
  • Contacted CS again for a follow up report and guess I’ll wait for them to respond.

Just really want to know if you guys are also experiencing the same issue?
Or have experienced it in the past? If so, was your funds successfully transferred to your Paypal account?

I guess I just want validation that I’m not the only experiencing this because it’s honestly bothering me to death because it doesn’t take hours for the follow up email to be sent by Fiverr.

It has always been just a minute or two after clicking on the confirmation link for the withdrawal. And this is really confusing me.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not really mad about anything. Just really concerned about the situation. :pensive:


This thing never happened to me. You should probably wait for CS reply. They will come up with each and every detail about this issue.


I saw that they already returned the funds and on my second attempt, it was successful :wink:
whew. :smiley:


Yes, this happened to me yesterday about 4 pm. I contacted CS. They replied immediately that there was an issue on the site. By midnight, it was fixed. Today, I successfully withdrew my funds. Contact them again if it’s more than 24 hours and still not fixed.


@meldawn9 He already stated that the issue was fixed already! :unamused:


I never receive any confirmation email from Fiverr when I withdraw my funds. They just automatically get transferred within 24 hours. Btw I use Payoneer not Paypal, so could not tell particularly but you should wait 24-48 hours to see if the funds arrived at your Paypal account. :slight_smile: