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Withdrawal of money


when to withdraw money?


I withdraw when mine gets to $4000, about once a week. :heart_eyes: (just kidding)

You can choose any time to do that. Some do it every day and some when it gets to a certain amount, or once a week, It’s up to you.


In general, I wouldn’t leave too much in your account though. In case of a ban or in case your account gets hacked, you’d lose too much


Whenever you want!


I can’t withdraw any funds, I cannot link anything to my account as I no longer have my original email address I signed up with. I cannot change my email address in settings?any suggestions at all?


Stick to the topic you had created please.
As @djgodknows suggested you on that topic, contact Customer Support. None of us here could help you more.


@misscrystal What payment method do you use?


It has been sorted now thank you. I was trying to use paypal method. As far as I can gather you cannot withdraw to my bank if I am in the UK, is this right?


Sadly, no you can’t directly - send to PayPal and then withdraw to your bank account.


That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming that :slight_smile :slight_smile: