Withdrawal Of our revenue


Myself Sunny. I’ve been working on fiverr and I’ve some money in my account and now I need that Money and i want to withdrawal that money i don’t have fiverr revenue card but my brother have it.
So what i want to Question is that can i use his account to withdrawal my money? He is also working on fiverr.


Fiverr monitors these payment methods to prevent people from using multiple accounts on Fiverr. So, by using your brother’s account, you might make it look like you are having 2 accounts, which is against the ToS. To be sure, contact Fiverr customer support -



Is there any alternatives? How can i withdraw it?


You have 3 choices -

  1. Create a new Payoneer account (Fiverr revenue card).
  2. Use Paypal.
  3. Ask Fiverr CS, if you can use your brother’s Fiverr revenue card.


Thank you @taverr i’ll contact CS.


I think fiverr allow one revenue card in one account. Probably you can’t use one revenue card on two accounts. You should apply for a Payoneer master card with your brother reference
In this case, you both will get $25


I mean I started a tech blog (https://www.shubz.in/)
I have to pay for adwords , while they will accept the payment through net banking. But If I advertise via adsense , then they will only pay via check in India. Which take 3 months for whole process. Damn !