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Withdrawal of remaining balance from disabled account

My fiverr account was disabled 90 days ago. Now when I contacted them after 90 days to withdraw my remaining balance, they’ve denied me access over a trivial reason, which was that I do not possess my old email address. I asked them to inquire about other credentials like security question and answer, but so far they have not paid any heed.

I lost my laptop and my files including the email address and I dont remember it either as I have changed it many times.

To deny me access to my account over this reason sounds stupid and nonsensical. I have my account username, password, security answer.

Fiverr shouldn’t even bother to email us the withdrawal link after 90 days. The account should be reinstated automatically after this period so we wont have to face problems such as these.

I look forward to a solution.

Thank you!
My Account Username: FlorianSEO

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We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Only Customer Support can help you with this.


They have not helped me so far. Their replies have not been useful at all!

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They take days to reply me with the same generic response. No actual help