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Withdrawal of revenues


What is wrong with Fiverr? How come I am unable to see my revenues on Paypal from you? You said that it was successfully withdrawn, but it does not appear in my Paypal account. First of all, I did not choose to withdraw any of my earnings yet, how come this happened? Second, now that it has been withdrawn as per you, how come it’s not in my Paypal account yet? How many days/weeks do I have to wait for my revenues to appear in Paypal? I have no problems with Paypal. It’s working well. “It’s OK, we’re here and we want to help.” Now where’s the help? I NEED IT NOW. I have contacted you via my email and via Fiverr, still no reply. I hope you are not ignoring me or this issue. This is no joke.


I’m not sure who the ‘you’ is directed at. People on this forum are just buyers and sellers like yourself. We have no say in Fiverr and don’t control any of the background stuff. Fiverr staff sometimes look in on the discussions but very rarely.

All I can suggest is that you contact Customer Support, if you haven’t already, and wait patiently for them to respond. I believe there is a higher volume of sales compared to normal, so it can take time but they will eventually get to you. Avoid putting in multiple tickets though, as that will slow down the process.

In the meantime, I’m not sure how you got the email to see your funds were successfully withdrawn, without getting the email to confirm the withdrawal–it all goes to the same email address as far as I know. Have you double checked your revenue amount to make sure it is still in the account rather than being transferred to your PayPal account? Was it definitely to your PayPal account and not onto a Fiverr card accidentally?

Those are the only suggestions I have. You need to wait for Customer Support to get back to you, unfortunately.


Hi aingham69. Thanks for your comment. I wish to tell you my story.

I started working in Fiverr since October 2013. At this time, I do not have any Paypal account until I created one last December 8, 2013. So all my revenues have accumulated. As soon as successfully registered with Paypal, I received an email from Fiverr that my revenues were successfully withdrawn. I was shocked because I was not logged in in Fiverr at that time. As soon as I received that email, I immediately opened my Fiverr account to check if there was really a withdrawal made; and there was indeed!! I asked myself how was that possible? I contacted Support numerous times. What bothers me is that they keep on asking me to give them my “old Paypal account,” which I do not have. What do they mean of this “old Paypal account?” I provided them also screenshots of my Fiverr revenues and Paypal history upon their request along with a government ID. Until now, I have not received any word from them regarding resolution of my problem. I’m still waiting for further notice from them if I need to do anything further, but they have not responded at all.

Any suggestions on what I should do further? Thanks.

Did anyone here in the forum experience the same dilemma? And was it resolved?

Please let me know.


In addition, when I tried to withdraw my latest accumulated revenues, a message popped out in Fiverr saying: “A verification email was sent to your Paypal email. Please follow instructions, etc.” But I did not receive any email.

How come the money was withdrawn when I did not manually do it? But when I manually withdrew it, it was not withdrawn at all?! Is this a technical problem??!


It sounds as if your account was compromised. Because revenues don’t “get withdrawn” without an action on your part.

If I were to guess, someone hacked your account, added his/her paypal account email, and transferred your funds :frowning:


anarchofighter, if your theory is correct, then I had hoped that CS should have told me immediately that my money is already lost. I kept on asking them where did my money go, but they never answered me on this matter. I’m praying it’s just there “hanging” and that CS knows where it is.