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Withdrawal option became disable


I am in terrible problem with the Fiverr withdrawal method and with the payoneer.
Two months ago my payoneer account has been blocked because of entering the wrong security question answer. Then I noticed that my withdrawal option became disable from fiverr earnings page. I have unblocked my payoneer by providing all the valid documents. Then I asked fiverr to active my withdrawal option but they replied that they can’t do it. They suggests me that payoneer only can do this.

Then I contacted with the payoneer and they said that I can relink my payoneer to my fiverr because they are going to close my account again permanently. I asked them “Why” they said that it was for the undisclosed security problem. I asked fiverr to check if any of my payoneer accounts is currently being linked to my fiverr and they replied that "The application has been submitted and it’s being reviewed by Payoneer. "

Then I asked them to remove my payoneer from fiverr. They replied that they can’t remove this from fiverr and only fiverr can do this. Then I again ask fiverr to remove the payoneer from fiverr but they also replied that only payoneer can remove this.

Now I can’t withdraw my earnings for this problem. I can’t even add a new payoneer because using multiple payment methods is against the TOS.

Now please suggest what should I do?
Thank you


Can you change your payment method to Paypal or Fiverr revenue card? It doesn’t sound right. They must have had a valid reason to block it.